Objectives & Visions
For achieving the vision of KU-VTT joint research center, following activities are ongoing: such as commercializing, establishing global R&D network and foundation of global research project. Also, KU-VTT joint research center cooperates with companies, and provides commercializing solution for companies which have demand for expansion of business item to the printed electronics.
Major Research Fields
- Major research field : Printed electronics based on R2R

Printed electronics, which is considered a disruptive technology in the electronics industry, include passive elements, such as electric lines, resistors, inductors, capacitors and so on, and active elements, such as diodes, thin-film transistors and so on that are manufactured by printing process. It also includes various opto-electronic devices such as organic/flexible displays, energy devices, and sensor/actuators. These products need a low cost, wide area printing. The well-known and most suitable process for mass producing printed electronics is the web-based roll-to-roll (R2R) technology.
Facilities and Equipment

Printing system

- 2 layer R2R system: Gravure, Gravure offset, Slot die
- 1 layer R2R system: Gravure, Gravure offset
- Pad printer
- R2P printer (batch)

Measurement equipments

- Interferometer: 3D image scan, nano-/microscale structure measurement system (non-contact method)
- -step: surface roughness, thickness measurement system (contact method)
- Surface tension and static/dynamic contact angle measurement system
- Semiconductor parameter analyzer
- Tensile strength tester